To submit a request for a new feature or an improvment, please go to the Request Tracker and fill in a request.

There is no need to login to view the request list but you will need to register to add a request to the database.

The requests are handled via the Bug tracker. So when filling out a request, please make sure you choose the Feature Request option from the Task Type box.

Only requests for features useful to the general audience will be retained. This means that if your request is too specific to your problem and is not a feature that can be used by anybody else, I will not be doing it (at least not for free). If you need a special feature only for your work, I can write one for a fee. Contact me for more information.

Filled requests will be announced on the News RSS Feed as new features.

I will try to fulfill all requests as soon as possible but since I work on RML-Image only in my spare time, it may take a while for the more complex requests to be fulfilled.