Microscopy and Microanalysis 2009

I will be attending the Microscopy and Microanalysis conference in Richmond Virginia on July 26-30 2009. Although I will not be presenting any papers this year, two of my colleagues are. They both have used RML-Image for their work. So, if you are attending the conference, drop by and say hello.

  • Quantitative Evaluation of Metallographic Preparation Quality using EBSD
    P.T. Pinard, P. Hovington, M. Lagacé, G.M. Lucas, G.F. Vandervoort.
    Monday July 26, 14:45, Room E10D
  • Evaluation of Strategies to Increase the Spatial Resolution of X-Ray Mapping in the FE-SEM of Low Concentration in Sub-Micron Microstructures
    P. Hovington, P.T. Pinard, M. Lagacé, D. Thibeault, R. Gauvin, D. Drouin
    Thursday July 30, 14:45, Room B15C