Why can't I run RML-Image on MacOS X 10.3 or less?

Because, nothing in the Mac world is backward compatible. RML-Image being written in Java, it needs a JVM to run. Apple has written JVMs for its Mac platforms. The problem is that each new version of its JVM only runs on its newest operating system. This means that when Apple wrote the version 1.5 JVM (which is the version needed to run RML-Image), it wrote it for the MacOS X 10.4. The JVM not being backward compatible, it will not run on MacOS X 10.3 or lower. People with the MacOS X 10.3 or lower on their machine only have a version 1.4 JVM and cannot run RML-Image on their system (although I am looking at a way around this). I am sorry about that but it is the Mac way.