Error Log File

When an error dialog appears with a weird cryptic message, such as:

you should send the error log file along with your bug report. To get the error log, please close RML-Image and look in your home directory (for XP users, it will be in the c:\Documents and Settings directory under your login id). You will find a directory named .RML-Image. In this directory, there will be a file named RML-Image_error.log. It is the error log file.

Note: Each time RML-Image is started, a new error log file is created. Copies of the last five files are backed up by appending numbers 1 through 5 to them (1 being the youngest and 5 the oldest).

Open the file using any text editor

and cut and paste the message in the bug report form. It is important that I get the error log file content as the information in it will greatly simplify my hunt.