Since v8.3.0, RML-Image has moved from a Java installation wizard to native ones. The main advantage is that it will be much easier for people not familiar with Java to install the program. In fact, the user should not even be aware that RML-Image is a Java application. This means though that anybody that already installed a version of RML-Image older than 8.3.0 must uninstall it completely before installing the new version.

The Hough Transform and other functions used in EBSD analysis and referred to by P.T. Pinard in his graduate work at McGill University are not present in this version of RML-Image because they are still in the early alpha phase. Neither is P. Hovington's work on noisy x-ray maps (see news). If you want to participate in their development, please contact me.


RML-Image has been tested on Windows 2000 and XP1)

There are always two installers available for each version. The first one (Full) holds all the files needed to run RML-Image along with the proper JVM. This makes it a much bigger download. You should use this installer the first time you install RML-Image. The second installer (Update) is much smaller as it only holds the files needed to run RML-Image. You should use this installer over the first one if you already have installed RML-Image. Also, there is no need to install intermediate updates if you missed them. This means that if the version of RML-Image on your disk is 8.3.0, you can install the update of 8.3.5 even if you did not install the updates for 8.3.1, 8.3.2, 8.3.3 and 8.3.4.

  • RML-Image v8.3.0:
    Macro functions for boolean operations, grid creation and qcImage creation added. Keyboard shortcuts added.
    RML-Image_v8.3.0_Full.exe (29Mb)
    The program will not start if you install it in a directory with a whitespace in its name (ex.: c:\Program Files\RML-Image) but will work fine if you install it in a directory without any whitespace (ex.: c:\Programs\RML-Image). I am looking into this and will post a fix soon.


I am presently looking into native installers for the Mac. Keep your fingers crossed.


I am presently looking into building deb and rpm packages. The deb package should be coming soon. The rpm one will take a little longer.

1) It has not been tested on Vista but it should work well on it. Please file a bug report if it does not.