I would like to acknowledge the great freeware and open source tools that were used in the development of RML-Image:

jEdit: a Java-based IDE used in the development of RML-Image,
Sun JDK: the Java libraries, compiler and Virtual Machine written by Sun Microsystems,
OpenOffice: an open-source multiplatform office suite used to write the manuals,
Ant: a Java build tool used to build the distributions of RML-Image found on the website,
jSwat: a graphical Java debugger front-end,
jUnit: a Java unit testing framework,
Bazaar: a cross-platform version control system,
IzPack: a Java-based installer tool used to create the installation wizard for RML-Image,
NSIS: an installer tool used to create the installation wizard for RML-Image on Windows systems,
DokuWiki: the wiki framework used to create this web site.
FlySpray: a bug tracker.
Unclassified Newsboard: an internet bulletin board system.

I would also like to give special acknowledgement to:

NIH Image: the free image analysis software from the american National Institute of Health (now rewritten as ImageJ) that started me down this road.
lena.jpg Lena: the model used in the “standard” image used for some time by the image analysis community to test their algorithms.
IrfanView: a great image file format converter (for Windows only). Very usefull to convert images to BMP format which is the only file format read by RML-Image.